The Canvas of Autumn

As the rain clouds, which have been persistent with their continual downpour throughout monsoon are banished until the next season only to be replaced by white almost furry bulging floating islands of clouds which leisurely drift across the sky, one gets the feeling fall or autumn is round the corner. The gentle autumn breeze, while sweeping across the landscapes, in its own tender manner ruffles the leaves of the trees which assume a reddish golden hue. The bounty left behind by the recently departed monsoon is visible everywhere in the form of gushing streams, lakes and ponds with crystal clear water, lush green meadows. The beautiful picture which autumn paints is a real delight to anyone. The characteristic clear blue sky with white woolly clouds scattered around, the clear blue waters of lakes and ponds dotted with water lilies, the flaming red of the tree leaves, the gentle cool breeze which rocks everything in its wake like a gentle hand rocking a child’s cradle, all of these elements combine together in perfect harmony to create the perfect masterpiece on the canvas of autumn. Here is a look at some of those brilliant sights of autumn, through the lenses of Koel Das.





































by Koel Das

By : Koel Das

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