Indian Photo Arts is a bi-monthly English online photojournalistic magazine based in Kolkata, India. At Indian Photo Arts we aim to bring to our readers photo features and photo essays on various topics belonging to different walks of life. Ever since the very beginning our main aim has been to promote all those talented individuals who haven’t taken the full plunge into the professional world of photography yet every now and then produce works which are worthy of a bigger audience. At Indian Photo Arts we strive to provide these incredibly talented people with a much bigger platform which they rightly deserve to showcase their work.

Since the inception our main aim has been to provide to our readers an in-depth insight into a varied collection of topics pertaining to different topics such as different places or locations and their unique attributes all over the world, people and their unique customs, rituals and cultures, the natural world, social issues and many other such topics through breath taking photographs ably complimented by relevant write ups. We believe through this endeavour of ours we will succeed in bringing to our readers a plethora of topics to quench their thirst for knowledge and at the same time provide a much bigger platform to countless gifted individuals to showcase their talents in the field of photojournalism through their photo features.

We also conduct events such as photography workshops on different genres of photography, photo walks and other photographic events with the aim of enhancing the knowledge of all those who are interested in different fields of photography and also to provide them with a first-hand experience of what it takes to master the different aspects of photography which in the long run will play a major role in fine tuning their skills.

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